Little Printable Readers

A few weeks ago, I revised one of my earliest products - "My Little Readers". It has a a big place in my heart, as making readers was one of the main reason I started making my own teaching resources. The first few years of my teaching career, resources were very scarce. Almost non existent. I made a TON of my own readers. I might have the courage to show you a few one day, they are nothing fancy, but my students loved them! 

I have called this one 'Set 1' as I have a few more to revise and quite a few more on my to-do list.....that never ending list that has been hanging around for about 10 years!

This packet is on sale for one day only and is 50% off! When I revised it, I uploaded the revisions into my original file listing, so if you purchased the original, you will get this update for free!

There are 5 readers in the packet. Each contains a printable reader, a set of flashcards, a worksheet, a 'class book' and a teacher information page. 

Your students can build the text from the book with the cards:

Each book is 8 pages and is copied onto ONE PIECE of paper. It is a '2 fold, one cut' book! So simple to prepare! 

I have included as many realistic early-reading features as possible. Predictable position of text, repeated phrases, left to right text alignment, pictures that match text.....

Students can read the book, and then complete a follow-up worksheet!

Put an 'enlarged' class sized copy in your classroom library - your students will love reading the book like the teacher did!

The 5 texts included are perfect for the beginning of the school year:

- Animals (sight words: This, is, a). Integrates well with Brown Bear Brown Bear story

- School (sight words: Here, is, a, an)

- Apples (sight words: Look, at, the)

- My Teacher (sight words: I, like, my)

- Go to School (sight words: I, go, to, in, a)

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