Write the Room - At Your Desk

Do you love 'Write the Room' activities?! I do, and my students certainly always have too. 

I have an idea I want to share with you, that is a twist on your traditional 'WTR'. I am not sure if they are commonly known as 'WTR' - I just made that up. I think it will stick.

If not, I can reuse it as 'Wednesdays Totally Rock'. And they do.

Or even... "What The.....Really?". I use that a lot. 

OK, so,  you may need to modify your usual WTR, to add variety to your lessons, for student mobility issues - or even maybe just because you have tiny, very itty bitty classroom, and you have run out of blue-tac. 

Or maybe, you just need to have a rest from them walking all over the place. You know how it gets?! 

To do a 'Write-The-Room-At-Your-Desk' (let's just call it a WTRAYD) - you need to gather some recording sheets, a mini photo book/album, word cards, a marker and if you love keeping-it-cute - a cute cover page for your book!

Number the pages of your mini photo book with a permanent marker. Mark the pages randomly - that way your students will have to search for the words, rather than write them out in page-turning order. 

Now, after you have written a number, make sure its dry before you turn the page. 

I didn't know to do that, but now I do. 

Now you can slide in, whatever cards you want to use, and switch them out to cater for different needs and levels in your classroom. 

You can use flashcards, word wall cards, picture cards, write-and-wipe cards, sight word cards, number cards - you name it! 

Students will search through the book, instead of around the room, to find their words! 
You may not be bale to have one of these for every student, so it makes a great small-group-activity, a center or even a fast-finisher activity. 

Use your imagination  to make it more challenging for your students. You can use up lots of those sets of flashcards that you never get to use, and reuse old word wall cards that get neglected cause they are not cute. 

You can certainly use this idea to make your own WTRAYD activity set in your classroom, out of materials you have, but if you need a little bit of structure, like me, I have made a packet of printables to help get you started!

Yay, I just love a printable!

It includes some basic and monthly-themed recording sheets and s cute little cover to make it - well, cute.

And it is on sale for today, so head on over to my TpT store if you would like to check it out!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope this idea helps you!