Double Apple Number Game Freebie

It is the final 2 days of my Christmas in July sale!

I wanted to finish with a set that I have been tinkering on for about six months! It is my latest 'Ultimate Collection' of number games. 

These games consolidate essential basic number skills - and expose students to numbers up to 30!

For the next 2 days, you can snatch up this set at 50% off! It's a teeny tiny $7.50!

Let's take a closer look!

It includes Blast Off, Addition Zoo and Apple Baskets....

Beep Beep, Crayon Order and Ocean Order....

Sum Power, Double Apple and Frog Bingo...

Cupcake Times, Frog Count, Hop to It.... 

Number Hunt, Candy, Number Detective..... 

Three by Three, Butterfly, Wiggle Worm and Add Loop!

These games will (in total), help your students to:

- Order numbers up to 30 from least to greatest (random selections)
- complete 2 digit addition
- multiply numbers 1-6
- determine greater/less than in numbers 1-30 
- identify number combinations that make 30 (3 numbers)
- subtract 5 from numbers 21-30
- identify and order numbers 1-30 (random starting positions)
- double numbers 8-15
- subtract numbers from 30
- double digit addition
- multiply by 3
- recall addition facts to 25
- model division by sharing into equal groups
- order number
- identity before/after
- identify odd and even numbers
- multiply numbers up to 6 (up to 36)

One of my favourites is Wiggle Worm. Students work toward collecting sections of the worm to make a forward-counting- number-sequence!

Double Apple can be played by 2 or more players. Students will spin a number from 8-15 and double it. 

A worksheet version is also provided, for students to complete as a follow-up or independent game alternative. 

I would love you to try it for FREE! 

It is in Google Drive, and you can download it HERE

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