Are you SALE ready?

You will be hearing a LOT over the next few days, about the HUGE sale at TpT! 

Excitement is building already. I need a plan for these sales, because I get all worked up on sale day and flit from one page to another, in a nervous bundle of energy, and ALWAYS forget half the things I want to buy. 

Here are some tips to help you get prepared and to make the MOST out of the sale! If you are prepared, you can make some very valuable purchases that will change the way you teach, and design, this school year!

OK, let's go!

You have a few days to get your wishlist stocked up. What is a wishlist? As you scroll through the resources listed on TpT, you will see a clickable option called "Add to Wishlist". These items will be added to a virtual list in your account, from which you can easily take items quickly through to the checkout, on sale day. 

If something is on your wishlist, you don't HAVE to purchase it, but it makes it a lot easier to find! I constantly add things to my wish list, almost like a virtual sticky-note service. Its a great way to remind yourself of things you want to take a closer look at, or that you want to snapple up on sale day! 

What?! You don't know how to 'snapple' - I don't really blame you, cause I just made that up. But just imagine the thrill of finding awesome things online + the excitement of a bargain + 2 discounts +  a sneaky grin on your face because you just became an even more brilliant teacher - aha - you getting the picture - now you know how to snapple.

Go through TpT over the next few days and add things to your wish list with abandon. You can then comb through your wish list later on sale day, and decide which items to take through to the checkout!

Sort, baby, sort! USE the awesome sort functions TpT has provided, to find great items that you may never have seen before. I LOVE to search by 'Most Recently Listed' to find things that are hot off the press - particularly clip art sets!

A HUGE favourite of mine, for sale day, is to search by price. I like to buy all the HUGE bundles, ultimate and mega packs, on sale day. They are often the most expensive, but on sale day, they make for particularly VALUABLE purchases! With up to 28% off already discounted bundles, it is most defiantly the time to BUNDLE UP AND SAVE!

When you search by Price Descending, these bundles will pop up on the top of your search result list, so you can easily find them! 

Use multiple sort functions to narrow down what will suit you most. For example, you could search Kindergarten-Math-Games-Price Descending 

Talk to your online friends about what they are purchasing. Take advantage of the very generous 'multiple licenses' that most sellers provide. 

When you add an item to your cart, you can also buy an additional license - so you can share one with a friend, and then split the cost. So if you buy something for $8 and pay a $4 license to share it with one of your teaching colleagues, you can both arrange with one another to pay $6 each! Plus you will be getting the discount on sale day! 

Your friends will have some great ideas about what they are purchasing - you may even decide to snapple something up that you had not thought of before!

Keep a look out on social media over the next few days. A ton of wonderful sellers will be offering you chances to win TpT gift vouchers, or score bonus 'buy one get one free' style deals. Enter as many as you can, and you could WIN vouchers to spend over the sale! Woohoo!!

Starting with me! I am going to give away 10 $10 TpT gift vouchers! All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below. If you would like an extra chance to win, you can pin something from my store, but a basic entry requires you to do nothing but just visit this page!

Thanks so much for visiting, and don't forget to hurry and go get ready for the sale!

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