Friday, 1 August 2014

Five For Friday

So it is Friday again - love, love, love Fridays! One of my most favourite things about Friday is the 'Five for Friday' link up! Oh yeah, nothing better than looking back over the week to find 5 random, nutty things I have done. And trust me, there is a lot to pick from, because at this fabulous stage of my life, I am embracing being a a random-kind-of-girl.


Fridays are super. No more needs to be said about that one, I have decided. 
Keepin' it clean and simple.


Buttons. Told you. Just call me Mrs Random. They are bright. They are cute. They are just so damn handy. Electric - I know. Stay tuned for exciting news about buttons. 


2 best mates, eating apples on the lounge. Not a care in the world. I feel better about the next photo, if I show you that we do indeed eat healthy stuff, here at 'The Pond'.


McFeast is back. Yes, you heard it right here. Me and McFeast go way back, and I have been sad since McDonalds gave it early retirement. I mean, why would you DO that to something so delicious?! I have never understood. 

It is back, and I took to the park to celebrate.

Look, I understand its not the healthiest of relationships, but I live by a 90-10 rule. 90% healthy, 10% trash. 


I haven't just wrapped my mouth around a burger this week. I am putting my money where my mouth is! I tell you I love you, so I am showing you with a few opportunities to win $$ to spend at the upcoming TpT sale! I LOVE sale days and having a gift voucher to spend makes it even better!

Enter the rafflecopter on my post HERE to be in the chance to win a voucher - and stay tuned - there is more fun to come!

Have a great day friends - thanks so much for stopping by!


Abbey said...

Happy Friday! I love the festive buttons! There are so many ways to use them! Have a great weekend!

- Abbey from Tremendous First Grade Tales

Mrs. O said...

Happy Friday! I really like this 90/10 rule. I may not be at 90 yet, but if I stopped eating sweets I'd be closer to it! Hmmm…not sure that's going to happen!

I've got to head over and enter. I've got some clip art to buy from a lovely lady named Mel!

Mrs O Knows

2 Super Teachers said...

We too live by the 90%/10% rule when it comes to eating!☺ Thanks so much for the chance to win a TPT voucher...fingers and toes are crossed!!!
Victoria & Tricia♥

Heather VanKuiken said...

I LOVE the 90/10 rule! I should talk to my husband about that one... We are not quite at the 90 yet... :-)

The Land of I Can

Alison Hislop said...

I love the 90%, 10% rule! Fabulous! I love buttons, can't wait to see what you do with them!

Teaching Maths with Meaning