No Prep Addition Game

Hi friends!

I want to share with you a bright idea for addition. It will help with students learning to move from the concrete building and merging of two groups, to more abstract visualisation and 'counting-on'.

Students play in pairs. Each has a plastic divided plate. A regular plastic or disposable plate can be used, just draw lines to divide it into three. 

The plate will be used as a write'n'wipe board.

The pair will also need a marker each and a standard six sided die (use different dice to differentiate the game).

The first student rolls and records the number.

Followed by the second student....

Both students roll again, add another number to their plate and find the total. 

The student with the largest number wins, and may take a token. The first player to collect 5 tokens is the winner (adjust the number of tokens to suit your time allowance).

Students simply wipe the plates clean with a tissue to play a new round. 

And there you have it! Simple to prep and explain to students, but best yet, your students will be learning essential skills without any fuss. This is perfect math center, small-group activity, or for those little pockets of time that you need to fill!