Alphabet Directed Drawing

Hi there friends,

 I have had a crazy busy end to the week and started back in the classroom on Friday. Loved it! We are still in Winter here in Australia, and although it's a little chilly, the skies have been big and blue - and the sunshine has been bright.

I had 'one of those moments' in the playground (yard) on Friday - you know the ones where you think 'I must go home and write that down and remember it forever' - but then you forget to write it down...

Well, 'adorable little man' ran up to me in the playground, full of enthusiasm and excitement. I looked down at him with the 'yes, I am listening' look, and said hello.

He blurted out "It's amazing that we are having this summer in winter isn't it?"

Straight out like that. No introduction. No time for chit chat.

"Well, why yes it is" ... I answered.

"I mean, its quite cold in the morning, but then, all of a sudden, it's summer again" he concludes with a muffled chuckle + shoulder shrug before running off, back to his game of soccer. Somehow, my first day back at work, just became a whole lot better. It warmed my heart. 

And that is why I love my job. The variety of personalities is just precious. 

I hope you have had a great week!

I wanted to share a free sample with you today, from my new Alphabet Directed Drawing file. 

Here is the page for 'a' - it features an ant and step-by-step illustrations to help your little ones learn to draw. 

Alphabet Directed Drawing

You can download this one page free sample, HERE

There are 26 different directed drawings in this file, one for each single beginning letter sound. 

{updated to now include more options}

Thank you so much for stopping by!