Let's Learn the Letter Sound S

My Sam has just turned 5 and is curious about the alphabet and letters. After a big day painting and playing in the yard (hello dirty hands) we did our first little home lesson and learned all about the letter 's' and the sound it makes - sssssssssssssss!

We started with a few 's' themed stories and had a chat about hearing the sound in words. 

We are not ready for too much formal writing, so did some 'rainbow writing' to get a feel for the shape and a connection established with the written symbol. 

We made an 's' with dough and a little book to start becoming familiar with some early reading skills!

The resources we used are in my 'Let's Learn S' packet:

And here is a little freebie to add to your alphabet resources! Click on the image and download from Google drive.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog today, see you soon!

- Mel x