Learning the letter {and word} Ii

Sam and I had a letter-sound session a few days ago to learn all about 'i'. We talked about the letter i, the sound i and the word 'I'.

No wonder the brain develops more between 0 and 8 than any other time in life! So much to master!

We made it fun with a little song, sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell.

We added 'i' to our growing sound flip book! 

I took the time to introduce the 'sound' and 'word' box. We looked at how both 'i' and 'a' are both sounds and 'words. I did not labour this point, it is fast pace teaching, and I will revisit it many times over this year. 

We put some of our known sounds together, to make the word 'sit', and then substituted phonemes to make new words.

These coloured cards are a big part of the way I start to teach reading - from a phonics base. 

The 123 Train resource I have on TpT is next on my list to update. It was one of the first 'cvc' products on TpT back in the day when NO CLIPART was available - eeek! I made do with some images I could gather up, but I can't wait to freshen it up and make it look fit for 2017! If you have it, stay tuned for a brand spanka very soon!

I have had emails and messages on Instagram asking where these resources come from - they are in my TpT store and the bundle is on sale this week! Find it by clicking on the image below.

I've prepared a bonus worksheet for you to add to the collection, simply click below to find it in Google Drive!

Thanks so much for your support - I appreciate you so much!

- Mel x