Learning the Letter Sound Aa

We continued with out mini letter and sound lessons today. Sam learnt his third sound - a.

We read some 'a' focused stories (his favourite part) and talked about words that have 'a' in them. An important part of the Jolly Phonics approach is to learn about the focus letters in all parts of words - not just in the initial position. Another important aspect is to start blending words as soon as you are able. Now that we have s, a and m learned, we put them together to make both 'am' and 'Sam'. 

We are keeping our word cards in a storage box, together with a magnetic letter for each.
I printed my word cards '2 to a page' to make them small and useful for games and activities.

We manipulated the magnetic blocks in different arrangements and found that we could make Sam! Sam even wrote his name for the first time by putting together the letter sounds he has learnt over the last few days.

We made a little 'a' book and learnt a new common sentence structure 'Look at the ...'

Finishing with a little paper craft is another favourite for Sam!

These resources are just some of those included in my 'Let's Learn Aa Resource Pack'

Find a free download for learning to recognise the letter 'a' in google drive HERE

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Have a wonderful day, friends.
- Mel x