Let's Learn All About the Letter Sound T

We are on a roll with out letter and sound learning. I think I have inadvertently created a monster - I've sparked a real interest in the alphabet and Sam is literally begging me each day for his next lesson. 

We are moving pretty swiftly, adding a new sound each day. This practice is also taken in the Jolly Phonics approach. After the main 42 sounds are introduced, we will start a cycle of moving back through them for the rest of the year, to reinforce and consolidate. Fast paced teaching can have amazing results if done properly and with a deep and committed knowledge of the curriculum. 

Today we read some 't' stories and talked about the sound, how it is produced by our mouth and looked at how it appears in different words in different places (beginning, medial, final)

We added a 't' to our sound book - to flip through later for revision.

We reviewed all our sounds so far and grouped them to practice letter identification.

We even put sounds together and discovered that we could make words! 
Tip: when sounding out words for students to 'hear', say the first sound louder that the others.

We made a sentence! I introduced the sight word 'I'. I will NOT be teaching the spelling of sight words at this early stage. The focus will be solely on the spelling of phonetically-regular words that can be built.

I will teach Sam at this stage to look at sight words as a whole and not to pay too much attention to the individual letters. 

We made our little 't' book and practiced early reading skills. 

Sam used a dry erase marker to write some 't' letters on a whiteboard. 

We are having so much fun and building our collection of known sounds and letters. 

Please find a free 't' worksheet in google drive HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I appreciate you so much!

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