Place Value Pick-me-up

Do your students need a little hit of place value? I have always found it to be something that needs regular reinforcement. Now, if you have a lovely little poster number line display up on your wall, you can constantly refer back to and easily recall and reference your students' prior learning. 

I have added a 'cute kids' place value poster set to the 'My Cute Classroom' range in my store - and have also included a non-kid alternative should this be a bit too cutesy for your liking. 

Just print out the places (millions down to thousandths) that suit your grade. Use number cards or a dry-erase marker to model building different numbers and referencing the value of their place.

Need some spring themed place value activities? Ive got you covered! Download one for FREE to try!

Find it by clicking on the image below:

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- Mel x