Let's Learn M in the Alphabet

My Sam continues to be curious about the alphabet and letters, and asked to do some more 'school work' today. We are just doing some very short introductory activities for each letter sound and have just discovered the letter 'm' and the sound it makes - mmmmmmmmm!

We started with a few 'm' themed stories and had a chat about hearing the sound in words. 

I love the AlphaTale books from Scholastic - they provide a wonderful introduction to hearing the sound in context.

Sam needs some help with 'hearing' the focus sound, so we did a page from my 'Look, Say, Listen, Circle' visual discrimination packet. These activities, implemented properly, can help students learn to listen for the sound, identify letters and also get them into a very solid habit of working their eyes across the line left to right. 

Sam already loves making his own little books and is becoming familiar with some early reading skills!

We finished our mini session with a 'sound sort' using the cards from 's' and 'm'.

Most of the resources we used are in my 'Let's Learn M' packet:

And here is a little freebie to add to your alphabet resources! Click on the image and download from Google drive.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog today, see you soon!

- Mel x