2D Shape Shamrock with Pattern Block Shapes

Combine St. Patrick's Day theme with math and have your students rotate and manipulate 2D shapes to make a shamrock!

Hop back to this post to find the free download you will need. If you are attempting this with a K-2 class, I would suggest doing it in stages and recognizing that it will take time and patience. Some students are going to have difficulty with cutting - that is a given. Prepare for it. The shapes are all straight edge lines, so it is a great activity to challenge early learners, while maintaining some degree of accessibility. 

If you have students who are reluctant to cut, consider:
  • having the shapes pre-cut
  • enlarging the worksheet onto bigger paper (A3 in Australia)
  • taking the time to do a modelled 'cutting' lesson to the whole class and demonstrate strategies to make it easier (cutting off large chucks, binning rubbish as you go, turning paper not scissors)
  • give verbal support throughout the cutting process + praise 
  • having plenty of spares available for when students make a cutting error, and downplay the 'mistake' so students feels confident to try again
  • stagger the stages of the activity so that students are not overwhelmed with the fine motor focus in one hit (do coloring one day, cutting the next)

The arrangement will be tricky for some students, this is intentional. You want students to have lots of attempts to move, flip and rotate the shapes into position - this is how they build an understanding of the properties of the shapes and how they can work together. Allow time for this, be ready for potential frustration. 

We used a range of different green shades to color our and make it more interesting! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I appreciate you so much!

- Mel x