So it was International Women's Day this week. Apparently.

I noticed all the memes and posts and stories and grams about girl power. Go girls. And all that. 

It made me think of the strong inspirational women I have admired and who have guided me subtly through my life.

A lady I owe much to is my grandmother. She left a homeland she was deeply proud of to sail to the end of the earth to this country called Australia. Leaving the security of a large beautiful family steeped in tradition and culture to enter a ragged harsh country where she often encountered intolerance and disrespect.  She started her whole life again, with very little, at the tail end of her life.

 She 'followed' her husband to start a new life for her children.
I am constantly in awe of her enormous courage, sacrifice and formidable quiet strength and have done nothing but work hard to prove she gave up everything so I got a chance.

Despite the torments her new life threw at her, and the small naive closed minds that often surrounded her, she stood tall, gave her best and never let a nasty word leave her lips. She was a lady. I always thought she was the warm, soft gentle grandmother - now as a mother and adult, I only see her steely determination and unfailing strength.

Girls you don't need to race to the front, grab a pretty pink balloon and go where you want to - aim high, above all of them.

- Mel x