Five for Friday Sep 5

You know how much I love 5 for Friday already. Like most weeks, I have had another 'random' filled week. 

I made a killer caramel slice this week. It didn't last long enough for me to get a photo though.

We had a very wet rainy week, my rascal dog Maggie decided to drag the contents of my garage across the backyard. As fast as I was running around picking up things, getting wet, dodging the mud,  she was dragging more things out. Again, no photo. 

My beautiful baby boy nestled in nice and close to me on the lounge, as you do on a cold wet day, and we read story, after story, after story. He is such a special little soul, but sadly, again no photos...

Are you getting the picture? Next week, it is TOP of my to do list, to get the camera out so I am more prepared for Friday! 

I am not going to try to hide it, I do love to laminate. There, I said it. I take over the kitchen, make a cup of tea, put some trashy TV on and fire my sidekick up. Here are 5 random samples from my lamination-stash this week!

Time for Rhyme - ready for cvc words and working on rhyming!

Dinosaur Double is from Down Under Teacher and it is FREE! My students will love this!

Missing Pencils is from my Back to School games pack, and will help with forward number sequences and counting order!

Just Roll With It is a fabulous new creation from Mrs Wills and I could not wait to get this one laminated. I ADORE jumbo dice with clear pockets and my students always get excited when we use them. Deedee's packet is filled with flexible and effective learning games!

Capture the Treasure can be easily differentiated and is also a FREE creation! Hop over to the Facebook Page of my friend Brooke (Teachable Moments) to find it!

Race to the Top with the Cat's Colorful Buttons is in Mrs Jumps Colorful Cats unit. Deanna's activities are always a hit with my students and I know that this one will become a favourite too!

Please tell me I am not the only one who is thrilled with a productive week of lamination love!?

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