Bed for b and d Reversals

Today, I made a classroom poster for you. You can use it to teach a concept for helping to prevent b/d reversals. The concept being, that if students imagine a bed and the word 'bed' they will visualise how to write a b and a d correctly.

Download the FREE poster HERE

I have used this concept for a few years now, but have found that just showing the students the picture is largely ineffective. 

I have found that a visual will not help the students that are having visual problems - like reversing letters. Students that have strength in visualising things will already be good at writing b and d correctly. 

To help my struggling students, I present this concept to them, talk about the bed, show them the visual, display it in the classroom AND let them FEEL the visual.

I want them to FEEL the concept of the visual. In this case, I would have students make the word 'bed' with manipulatives, like magnetic letters. I would tell them to put the b first, then the e and finally the d. I would ask them to run their finger down the straight side of the b. I would tell them to feel how straight and tall it is - just like a bed post. I would get them to trace the straight line down the magnetic letter and then trace down the bed post visual, in the same direction. 

 I would ask them to point to each letter and sound out the word b-e-d - quite a few times. I would remind them that 'b' is coming out of their mouth first, it is the first sound in 'bed' and it is first on the bed word/picture (pointing to the visual). 

I would do the sounding out myself, stretch the b-e-d put reaaaaalllllllly slow. Show them how my lips are pressed together really tight before I make the 'b' sound. My lips are tightly shut and I would draw a line across my closed lips - a straight line - JUST like how we start writing the letter 'b' - with a straight line. Then for the 'd' when we make that sound, our lips are open, in a rounded shape, just like when we write the letter 'd'.

I would also give them lots of opportunity to write the word 'bed' for themselves - constantly reminding them that we are starting the 'b' like the beginning of 'bed' with a straight line. Laminate the poster and have them trace over it with a dry-erase marker. 

I also made this game for my TpT store, that will help reinforce the position of the b and the beginning of the bed. It will also get your students sounding-out cvc words. 

It is called 'B's in the Bed' and your students will match b's with different vowel-consonant combinations to make words. They will need to sound out the letters to read the words. The constant revision of putting the 'b' first and making the bed visual, will reinforce and solidify the concept.

Then, when they look at the poster you have displayed in your classroom, they will have a connection, or memory of making words and USING the concept, and it will be more meaningful and effective. 

You can find it at TpT HERE

I would love to send a copy of 'B's in the Bed' to the first 3 people that leave a comment here on this post! Thanks so much for visiting!

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