Sight Words Flip and Write

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Today I want to show you a few of the resources from my '100 Sight Words' series. I have been busily revising and upgrading the resources in this collection over the last year, but have not had a chance to show you any of them in detail. I am planning on having the final few revised in the next month. 

The 'Flip and Write' cards are so much fun. All 100 words are included.

Once laminated, students read the word, then 'flip' it!

The look at the letter boxes and think back to the word they read.

They take a dry erase marker, and write in the word! These are fun and focus on the key skill - remembering these words by sight!

This was one of my very first 'write and wipe' activities, and I am so glad that it is now revised and looking all brand-new.

When you are introducing your 'focus' words - the 'First Day Worksheets' make a great activity for students. They combine some fine motor and tracing skills as well as providing a nice solid visual for your students. When you first introduce sight words, the focus will primarily be on 'reading' not 
writing - so these clear uncluttered sheets, with the large word as the focus, are perfect!

They can take this worksheet home, stick it on the fridge and practice reading it all week!

Your students can shade in the letters

and trace the handwriting-pattern lines. 

You can knock over a sight word AND handwriting lesson, even in the early stages of sight-word-learning!

I have revised my 'Sight Word Worksheets Mega Pack' as well. As well as refreshing the existing pages, I have added a new page design, so that there are now 3 different worksheets for each 3-word combination. There are 100 worksheets in total! 

These are great for when your students are ready to move on to sight words as a 'spelling' activity as well as for reading. 

All of these resources are also bundled up, so you can save AND receive all the new resources I add to the series. There are many more to come!

Find the Ultimate Bundle in my TpT store! 

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