Word Card Rhyme

I have a little idea to share with you today - am easy-to-prepare, fun activity you can use with ANY set of word cards you use in the classroom - word wall cards, flashcards, game cards! 

I like to do this with the 5 or 6 focus sight words I have for my class each week. 

Display the word cards on your board, easel or in front of the students somewhere. Take a pointer and quickly jump from word to word. Say the rhyme "We can read, words all day. Make this one ..... to say". And insert a word like 'loud or soft'. Then the students say the word you have landed on in the particular voice you have asked for. Repeat until you have read all words. Maybe even be brave and get a student to do the pointing. Risky, I know, but sometimes it pays to be brave. 

They. Love. It.

For at least 2 weeks.

I am working on a blog post, to share more about my 'Ultimate Word Card Collection' resource, with more ideas for word cards. This little activity would work well with any of the cards in this set also. 

You can download a printable for the rhyme - HERE - I find it helps my tired old brain to have visuals for just about everything. Also helps that I like every chance I can get to print something out!

Have a grey day my friends, thanks for stopping by!