Early Subtraction - Small Group Plans

Hi friends! I am linking up for a 'peek' at a week of 'number' activities again! 

This week, I have a week of subtraction activities for you. My term overview is included in the downloadable plans at the end of this post, if you would like to see how I have progressed through topics. I would plan LOTS of opportunities for students to play with manipulatives to model subtraction with real objects, as well as undertake formal lessons in subtraction. These activities are just the small-group component, and the time where I focus on the HOW the students are finding their answers. I use them as a time to teach specific strategies and help them progress to more challenging strategies. 

After a quick assessment of my students, I put them in 4 groups, and differentiate their activities. 

The first group of students, are still having difficulty with counting and ordering numbers, so I do not want to take them too far with subtraction. The two games I have chosen are the same as last week, but instead of 'one more' we are doing 'one less' - so a focus on the backward number sequence. 

Students will roll a die, count one back, and find the numeral. This is perfect for this lower group, as they are getting subitizing, numeral identification AND a bit of subtraction!

(Click on each of images below to find the resources)

In 'Bee Numbers' - just ask your students to write the 'one less' number.

The second group needs lots of practice, taking part of a group away to find out how many are left. These students need to be able to see and touch objects to subtract them. But we are moving them gradually to the point where they are able to do this subtraction without actually touching the objects. 

The first activity I have planned for them is 'Subtraction Carrots' and you can find it as a free download on this post HERE

The second activity I have chosen for them, will hopefully edge them closer to being less reliant on objects. They have the support of the 'dots' on the dice, which they can point to and cover up, should they need the visual support. It is a worksheet game in the "Bump & Jump Subtraction" packet that I made with my friend Deanna. 

Closely monitor this group, if they need more practice with manipulatives, change the activity, or give them counters/chips so they can 'act it out'. 

The third group of students are very confident with subtraction when they have objects, and are showing signs that they do not need to rely on them. These students are going to learn to 'count back'. A visual support of a number line, will help bridge the leap from concrete to abstract. 

My Snake Count-Back Cards will allow them to cross numbers off the snake, as they count backwards from the snake number. 

The worksheet included in this packet would also make a great whole-class activity this week.

I have also chosen a 'Bump & Jump' worksheet game for this group. It includes a number line on the base of the game board, and students can choose to use it if they need.  

The fourth group of students are more confident with 'counting back' and may also be experimenting with other strategies for subtraction.

They will be playing 'Swim School' 

and a 'Count Back' play-on-the-page worksheet!

And there you have it - plans for two 15 minute blocks of a Kinder/Grade 1 number program. 

And 'they' say we 'just play' in Kindergarten. Ha!

You can download my plans (in MS Powerpoint) HERE