Five for Fri-yay!

Friends, it is time for 5 for Friday. Prepare for the beauty of random.

1. Fri-yay - Yep, I know I am going to get about 2 weeks out of this before it gets too much - but I think its worth a shot. I am going to do a 'Fri-yay' each Friday - a random goodie for you to help celebrate the awesomeness of yay!

It could be a freebie, a sale or a discounted resource!

Today, I have reduced the price of my new 'Pumpkin Match' cvc game to just $1. Yay! 

Or should I say... Fri-yay!

If you are a blogger and would like to celebrate with a 'Fri-yay' you are welcome to use my button. 

2. Caramel Slice. I told you about the slice-from-heaven-with-no-photo last week. I made another one this week, just so I could take a photo for you. I swear that is the only reason.

If you would like to make one yourself, it is super easy, the ingredients are vitamins, all sorts of vegetables, water, air, and fat free fat. I am telling you - delicious.

3. Digger in the sand. I got the sunshine, the beach air, a hot cup of tea and a chat with my Dad. My beautiful baby boy got to see one of his heroes - a digger. I mean, what are the chances of finding a digger at the beach. 

4. Scrappy Capital Letter Kids are on their way. 

5. For the last one, I have no photo. It is just a message of love to all my US friends. I watched through social media as you all reached out to one another with your 911 stories and messages of support. You are an amazing nation of people and it is wonderful to see how you cope with tragedy  with such dignified unity, maturity and love. You are inspirational. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my friends, have a great Friday!