Loop the Leaves - Warm Up With Numbers

There's a lovely big Autumn tree to color in the Pond Coloring Club. It features lots of dots. You can have your children combine some work with numbers and drawing to create leaves to color. 

Use some dice to guide them in making a leaf shape of a specific number. 


Using a standard six sided die they can simply roll and count a set of dots to match


Use a 9 or 12 sided die and a standard die to roll together. They loop a leaf that shows the difference - e.g. a roll of 12 and 8 would create a leaf of 4 dots.


Use a numeral dice and dot doce to encougae counting-on for addition. Students count forward from the numeral, adding the extra dots - e.g. 6 and 3, students will count 6, 7, 8, 9. 

autumn tree number activity

You may also like to tell addition and subtraction stories as you math lesson along with this page, having students loop dots to match. Learn more about that activity on this blog post! 

If you're not yet in the Pond Coloring Club, we'd love to have you!