Crazy Apple Craft

A teacher reached out to me to make some more crafts similar to the Crazy Christmas Tree because her students loved it so much. Here is the apple ready for your students to complete too. 

  • with clear simple shapes to cut it's ideal for kindergarten
  • once completed they make a fun, happy banner or display
As well as bringing you news of this new resource I wanted to encourage you to reach out with feedback and ideas for new resources for your classroom. I love helping you save time and creating activities that I know will engage your students. 

Ideas for this apple craft:

  • choose the format that best suits your students - a complete version is included that has no assembly or gluing components - perfect for Friday!
  • encourage students to draw or paint patterns too
  • make the face optional and let students either design their own or draw one
  • attach it to a craft stick for a mask in language and talking activities 
  • use red, green and yellow paint 
  • have students write about their apple craft to reflect on their making-experience (a worksheet is included)

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