Apple Friend Drawing

Help your students to write creatively about a little apple character by first drawing one on art or dedicated writing paper. They can combine a few simple lines to create their Apple Friend and then write a list of describing words before telling a story.

Here is one I share with you each year.

apple art project

You can find the  printable pack of directed drawing papers over in my TPT store or follow along here with the video:

For these I used:
  • big art paper
  • crayons
  • watercolors
Your students can do the same or simply use pencil and the paper in their writing books or on the printable pages from my pack.

red apple drawing

September art and writing for kindergarten and first grade

art projects for school in kindergarten

Apple Friend Word Warm Up

On the day after you have completed your apple drawings, have a word-based language warm up before you reading or writing lessons. Have students contribute to a class collaborative word bank. As they suggest words you can scribe them and have the students read them back to you once you've finished. Display the chart for reference in creative writing and other lessons over the week. Ask them to suggest verbs or adjectives for Apple Friend: e.g. grow, drop, fall, sit, crunch, shine, red, shiny, happy, healthy, crisp, sweet

You may also like to see our full Directed Drawing collection over at TpT including this one that is especially made for back-to-school!