Big Bus Roll and Color

Help your students learn to recognize non-standard dot patterns for numbers 1 to 6 with our new Big Bus Roll and Color page. It's in the Pond Coloring Club ready for you now.

Your children can roll a standard dice and color a window. 

Other ideas:

  • as a teacher you clap a number, the children listen and count - they find a window to color
  • call a sequence of numbers and then stop - the next number the children say loudly (it's noisy on the bus) and then find it to color - e.g. you say 1, 2 3 - they say 4 and find a four
  • they roll 2 dice, find the difference and color it - e.g. roll a 6 and 2, color a 4

big bus roll and color page

Challenge your students to trace around a set of windows that totals 10 with a marker after they have colored all the windows - e.g. 5, 4 and 1

making 10 in math

And of course, they can color or paint their bus once the math fun is complete! 

bus back to school coloring page

If you're not in the Pond Coloring Club yet, we'd love to have you - find out all about it HERE

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