Fine Motor Detail on Art Projects

Transform any art project with some detail and fine motor skills using spots!

Students can add spots as a pattern on any art project they're working on - let's take a look at some ideas with the leopard!  

leopard art project

This leopard (tracing page in the Pond Coloring Club) was first:
  • traced with crayon
  • watercolored 
  • cut

Your children can add the spot detail by:

  • sponge painting with a special brush
  • coloring with marker (have them use a spiral stroke - making sure they've had lots of practice with big spirals on large pieces of paper or the ground using chalk, first)
  • stickers - using the thumb and index finger to peel the sticker off and put it into position on the circle
  • fingerprinting - watercolor will work fine here too and is very quick and easy to clean up

Once completed the leopards can be added to a classroom display too! I'd love to send you more ideas for creative learning - join my free newsletter over on the website. 

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