House Count Cards - Some Warm Up Ideas

If you're teaching children to become fluent with numbers, addition and subtraction within 5 our House Count cards are here to help! The pack includes 30 activity cards and a math craft! 

fluency within 5

The visual support on each card (2 sets of dots 2-5, in non-standard arrangements within a 6 frame) provides an opportunity to support a range of foundational concepts while focusing on addition. 

Use the houses as activity cards

  • Students will take a card and record the addition using a dry erase marker. 
  • Before recording the addition they can cover each dot with a plastic math counter for hands-on counting. 

Use the houses in a class listening math warm up

  • put 3 cards on display
  • clap-click a pattern to match the addition (pink=claps, blue=clicks)
  • e.g. the teacher performs clap, clap, clap, click - the students identify the house with 3 pink and one blue dot

Use the house cards for a comparing number warm up

  • put 2 cards up on display - one clearly to the left, one to the right
  • students quickly identify the house that has more, raising their matching hand to indicate

addition within 5

kindergarten math cards

If you're teaching numbers to 5 in kindergarten, you'll love our bundle of games, activities, worksheets and crafts

It includes this House Count pack and many more to engage and support your students.