Bears on the Bus

Here are a few extra ways to use the bus game mats from Bears on the Bus (numbers to 20) and Ten Bears on the Bus.

Double Bears

  • roll a 1-3 dice (this happy face dice is from our Pond Coloring Club)
  • students make the number on one side of the bus
  • students make another equal group on the other side of teh bus, to show the double and find the total

bears on th ebus number game for kindergarten

plastic bear math games

Making Numbers in Rows of 5

  • students use the 20 frame bus
  • roll a 20 sided dice
  • make the number, adding bears or counters to the bus
  • make the number using sets of 5 of the same color
  • challenge students to say the number is rows of 5 - e.g. I made 12, it's 2 rows of 5 and 2 more

20 frame counting

counting and math in kindergarten

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