Lotsa Dots

Have some fun coloring or painting a giant cupcake with this free page in the Pond Coloring Club today! 

Before or after coloring you may like to use it for some language based math fun at your small-group table. 

  • each student has a page
  • ask them to listen as you tell some math stories
  • start with slow, simple stories and then gradually increase the complexity for more detailed listening and counting
  • ask students to circle/loop a matching number of sprinkles on the cupcakeas they hear a number in your stories
For example:
  • 5 friends had a picnic in the park
  • they took 2 baskets of food
  • in the basket were 6 cupcakes
  • there were 3 apples too
  • the basket held 3 bags of 2 sandwiches for lunch
  • 12 ants crawled onto the picnic blanket
You get the idea! For each number sentence observe if students can count a matching number of dots and support if needed. 

cupcake coloring page with counting activity

Have fun with the math stories! You can reverse it the next day and do some subtraction stories, students coloring each looped number in a new color as the numbers are mentioned in your stories.  

Count the dots coloring page

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