Visual Memory and Making 10

Help students combine fine motor with visual discrimination and making 10 in math with our engaging and practical Hen Has Ten pattern matching cards! Just print and use with counters or chips from your math shelf!

Color and pattern making activities are a great pre-reading, calm-down and playful math center for early and pre kindergarten.

Students willidentify colors
  • match colors
  • build visual memory
  • use visual memory to replicate a 9 grid pattern
  • talk about number combinations that make 9 (and 10)
  • practice early addition and subtraction skills
  • count sets of small numbers to make 10

Included is also a color and cut craft - it's fast for students to make and requires no gluing or assembly. They can record one of their patterns and display it with the others in the class for a bulletin board of fun colorful patterns to talk about!

Help further develop the math in this activity by using the optional recording worksheet and asking students to record the numbers that add to make 10.

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