More Fluency Within 5 in Math

Here are some fast and fun minimal-prep math warm up ideas for working on fluency within 5 (or 6) using equipment you'll have in your classroom. 

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Roll and Build the Biggest

  • students (or one player from the group) rolls 2 dice
  • students build the biggest number with counters or sticks

Roll, Build and Add to 5 (or 6)

  • roll a dice
  • build the number
  • add more in a different color to make a total of 5 or 6

Roll and Make a Design

  • roll the dice
  • take a matching number of pattern blocks
  • make a design/shape with them

  • encourage your students to add more of their design and then describe it to you (repeated addition, beginnings of algebra)

Roll & Add to Group

  • provide a container of counters or tokens
  • roll
  • take a matching number of counters
  • keep rolling and taking
  • the first to 5, 6 or 10 wins

I hope your learners get warmed up quickly for their math lesson or workshop with these fast-prep games. 

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