Addition to 30

Here is a fast-prep math game your students can play in pairs for addition to 30. It's for students who are mastering flexible mental strategies for addition. 
  • use the one page craft template from our repeated-addition (skip counting) robot craft
  • slide it into a plastic sleeve or laminate (I did not do this for photos so you can clearly see the robot)
  • provide these along with dry erase markers for each pair of players
  • play like toc-tac-toe with each student aiming to complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal that adds to 30 
  • students can only write numbers 7 through to 15

You can see below one student wrote 13 in the top row. The other wrote 15. The first player would then need to mentally calculate 13 and 15 (28), then find the difference (perhaps using subtraction here or another strategy) to decide if the row can be completed using numbers 7-15. 

Students will become flexible and fluid with strategies as they decide the best possible numbers to fit. Play as often as possible to build confidence. 

See below, one player has written 12 in the middle row to complete a perfect 30 and perhaps might win one small sweet for Valentine's Day. A small bag of candy hearts provides lots of motivation to play repeat games. Check with your school on the appropriateness of sweet rewards! 

If you're looking for other ways to reward and acknowledge student involvement in class you may like our Take Home Notes! Have a stack of them on your desk and distribute some at the end of the day. Students can collect them in a little pocket pouch they make themselves

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