Teachers on Instagram

I love Instagram and remember the day my sister said 'Mel, you gotta get on here'. 

 If you are not following my account, I would love to see you, but if my feed is not your cup-of-tea, I am certainly not offended. That is the beauty of Instagram, you will mostly always only see the things that interest or intrigue you. 

Warning: my feed may reveal my love of the color pink and anything made of paper. A few pencils perhaps. Tea. Coffee. Some sketches and a whole lot of my teaching printables. I love sharing tiny moments of my day and what feeds my heart, fills my heart and comes from my heart. 

They are just tiny moments, and as with any social media it is important to remember that what people share only reflects a very small part of their life. 

I love following other teachers and adore seeing ideas from those who have permission to post from their classroom! The curriculum ideas being generated and spread are amazing. 

I feel honored that I get to see inside their world and as such, respect their choices. 

I was surprised to find my feed named in a 'top ten' list of account to follow recently and was very humbled - thank you Book Widgets

Image Credit: bookwidgets.com

I've just put a blog widget on my sidebar so you can see my posts here, and in posts like this: 

The widget code comes from Iconsquare. Iconosquare if offering my followers 20% off a yearly subscription by using this link to sign up! If you have a blog and would like to generate widget codes and get some fantastic analytical information about your feed, I can highly recommend it.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you have a fabulous one - I might catch you over on Instagram! Pardon me if it takes me a while to get to know you, I have a habit of following hundreds of people and often get lost in so much awesome content from you all!

- Mel x