I had fun drawing caterpillars this morning, you may have caught me on my Instagram story. I have been inundated with beautiful messages from friends telling me that watching me draw has brought them peace and happiness and helped them feel calm. That watching drawing is soothing to them!

Wow. Never expected that - but I am overjoyed that it has been a nice experience for so many people. It certainly is fun for me too, and not at all 'work'. 

After sketching I made a paper craft for helping to build class community. You can ask each student to add a word, rule or focus for the year and add it to the class display. 

BUT you can use the templates for ANY topic or theme area - math, sight words, numbers - anything! 

Alternatively, ask your students to make a 'mini' version by coloring the 'all-in-one' page and assembling on a piece of craft paper.  

This packet has been added to my Paper Craft Collection bundle and is ready to download. If you have this, update your collection by re-downloading. 

This bundle will be complete this year at some stage. It has been such a joy to build. 

The first buyers of this bundle grabbed it for about $4.95 so stay tuned throughout the year to get the 2nd bundle when it starts. I established 'ultimate packs' and 'big bundles' back when I sold on eBay. They were intended to help my loyal followers to collect items I made on a particular topic as time went on, without having to constantly re-purchase. I only add quality pieces to them, and some may take quite a while to become full. 

Thank you so much for spending some time over on my page today, I wish you a fabulous weekend! Stay in touch by following my stories on Instagram!

- Mel x