Wishing you the happiest possible happy-happy-joy-joy Friday, friends!

Provided you don't have a truly legitimate reason to be down-in-the-dumps today (and as such, I do send you big hugs and more happy wishes), I suggest getting rid of even the tiniest little bit of a grumpy disposition by:

1. Drinking coffee
2. Singing all the way to work
3. Making a list of horrible nasty things with a pencil and then erasing them
4. Drawing pretty flowers all over some important thing you should have done 2 weeks ago
5. Eating chocolate for breakfast
6. Remembering 5 things that made you grumpy as a 5 year old and then relishing in the adult realisation that they are now somewhat amusing
7. Doing the Friday dance
8. Doing something kind for others - like abandoning the frown.
9. Finding a funny (and highly appropriate) joke to share with your family or colleagues.
10. Drinking more coffee.