I've felt uneasy about my cat-bum face comments all week, so I drew some cute cats tonight to make amends. 

Actually I fib. I am working through a year long 'doodle-a-day' challenge and today was 'cat'. You can see my Instagram story, over at, well, Instagram to see me draw this one:

The wonders of modern technology. To think that years and years ago people were working out how to put a person on the moon, and now we are watching people draw cats. Amazeballs. 

I turned it into a coloring page too, so you can colour it in. Actually your students can color it in. You can get planning on how to get a cat to the moon. Or some other profound thing. 

Find it to download for free in Google Drive HERE

I used one of my new 'Edge It' borders. These are perfect for worksheets and add a little 'something' when you don't want too much 'something'. 

I must be going meow, I have some sleep to catch up on. Have a lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by!