It was a relatively quiet day here at my place. We read lots of books. My sweeties got new bookshelves for their bedrooms and seeing all their books in a new place inspired them to read some treasured favourites. 

It led to lots of talking and chatting. And that led to some new ideas. Before we knew it we were all creating something. Banners, sketches, craft, treasure maps, a puppet show script... 

And tomorrow, maybe we will start all over again.

I based much of my teaching last year on high quality fiction and will do the same this year. I am starting to pin titles as I come across them - if you are interested you can follow my board HERE

If you have any favourites that you think I might love to work on with my class of third graders, please let me know - I really need to visit the bookshop with an excuse to buy add some more to my wishlist!

I wish you a wonderful day, and if you're in a bit of a bother with nothing to do - grab a book and see where it leads you. 

- Mel x