And the Flowers Bloom

So we are finally doing 'a bit' in the garden. We have waited about 12 years for a fence (can't rush these things) and I finally now feel like sprucing it up.

Funny how a fence does that.

Probably more that my Dad always taught me to start from the far back corner and work to the front. Always put the hard worst yards in first. Then do the pretty stuff. 

Anyhow. My sweeties each chose a pot of flowers to tend to and we are doing our best to keep them alive in the heat of summer. 

Funny thing is, it seems to be working. Just add some water each day. Lucky for me, the 9 year old is slightly routine-orientated and reminds me each day. And probably also does most of the watering. 

And to think we could have been looking at weeds this summer. 

Have a lovely day!