Teacher Tired

I was tired today because I did not get much sleep. 

It reminded me a little bit of teacher-tired.

I know you know what that is. 

Take care of you and have that little nana nap if you need it! We all know our own limits, and I can promise you that as your career progresses in teaching, you will be more able to recognise the signs that you need a little recharge. 

You know how one person can run 10 kilometres and hardly break a sweat, while others only need to merely climb a set of stairs and they're breathless?!? Well, it's the same with other areas of life, including teaching. 

Don't let opinions about your choices weigh on your heart (they'll come from everywhere), trust the self knowledge you've spent a lifetime developing ....

Anyhoo, speaking of choices, sweet dreams - because I am getting an early night! 

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Mel x