Color Code Your Week - Sanity Saver

What a week! The beginning of Spring has meant that I have spent a large portion of the last few days sneezing and wiping my eyes. And wanting to cut my head off. 

There is just no being delicate about the matter at all. Pollen is overrated. 

To put me in a more pleasing mood, I decided to link up with Blog Hopin' for 'Sanity Savers'. 

If truth be told, my linking up really is not about the good mood at all and more about the fact that I am living with hope that someone, anyone, just one, please Lord, just one person has linked up with a 


savemysanity blog post

I can live in hope.

Something that DOES save my sanity is color coding. I have used a 'rainbow' system for remembering things in order for a very long time. If I rank my reading or math groups, generally the top performing group will be red, and I work my way down the groups and colors in order of the rainbow. 

It just works for me, and saves room in my brain for more important things - like how to cure the world of hayfever. 

I also color code my days. Monday is red (or pink), Tuesday is orange, Wednesday is yellow, Thursday is green, Friday is blue. I wish I could make Sunday blue - but we can't have everything we want now can we?!

So... the colors. On the days. Helps me focus. Quickly and easily. That makes more time for spending with our cherubic students and imparting wisdom. 

You can read in much more detail, how I use colors for the week, to help with time management and saving sanity - in my post HERE

And please, head over to Blog Hoppin for more fabulous ideas for saving your sanity. I promise there will be no cures for pollen allergies, just great classroom creativeness! 

Thank you so much for stopping by my friends!

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