Here is an apple art idea!

Print the templates on 2 pieces of different coloured paper. 

Grab the free template download HERE

Fold each piece in half along the heavy dashed line. Remind your students that we do not cut on this dark line.

Cut on the curved dotted lines, holding the fold.

Cut a leaf and stem from other scrap paper.

Glue the pieces back together on a background page, alternating the colours.

I hope your students enjoy this paper project as much as we did! Use a range of bright colours for variety and visual impact!

My new "Fun Play Dough" cards - Apples on Top - are 50% off the regular price today in my TpT store! 

Students will roll different sized balls (great fine motor) of play dough to make more apples on each card. You could also use counters or dry erase markers as an alternative to Play Dough for this activity. 


Find it in my TpT site by clicking on the image below:

For more 'apple' teacher ideas and freebies - look no further - there are some HERE on my blog!

And you may like to follow my Pinterest board "Apple Classroom Ideas" to monitor future and additional apple projects!

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