Shoes In Twos Math Warm Up

kindergarten math activities

I'd love to share some ideas to help your children have more math fun with our free Two Shoes coloring page! One each shoe they will write a number to complete the sequence from 1 to 16.

It's ideal for students learning to write numbers and count - but will support early addition and more. Counting-on from one number quickly by 1 or 2 is an effective early addition strategy. 

Before you start:
  • review numbers and counting with a daily counting routine - pointing to the numerals as your students say them (use a number chart or poster display)
  • talk about the number 2 and things that come in 2s - hands, feet, eyes, ears, shoes, socks etc
  • say a number and have your children tell you the next number


  • ask your students to cover each number with a counter as they count
  • alternate colors to make a repeating pattern and to help students understand how the numbers are growing in sets of 2 predictably 
Counting in Twos

  • as they remove the counters, ask them to write the numbers in matching colors, revealing a number pattern 
Writing Numbers to 20

Whiteboard Warm Up

  • to review and support the learning you can use them page as a springboard for a quick warm up the next day
  • revisit the numbers on the page by having your small group of children count the sets of shoes
  • provide a whiteboard or math journal for each students
  • say a number - e.g. 3 - and your students write 3, 4
Counting On For Addition

I hope your students love this page and the math fun they can have before they start coloring. Another supportive resource for your learning program or classroom is our Shoes in Twos poster set. Here I have printed 9 to a single page to use as a reference in small group activities. You can also print them full page and have a number and counting display in your classroom or math wall.

Math Posters in Kindergarten