Scribble Popcorn

popcorn art project

Display some bright happy bowls of popcorn in your learning space by having your children scribble draw a bowl of popcorn. They can do this on big art paper or use the drawing/craft template I'm sharing with you in the Pond Coloring Club today!

popcorn drawing

Encourage your students to:
  • scribble small spiral circle shapes 
  • alternate direction - clockwise and counter-clockwise 
  • to persist and fill the bowl
  • to draw their popcorn in yellow crayon and use watery-paint for a crayon-resit effect
  • draw additional patterns or a design on the bowl
Fall Art Projects for Kindergarten 

If you're looking for ways to extend this experience with early language, reading and math activities, my new action rhyme will delight your students! They can be interactive with the text, performing actions, sounds and listening for the corn popping! 

Popcorn Action Rhyme

Together with the printable text, I've included some visuals for retelling the rhyme. Use them in math warm ups and activities too. 

The action rhyme encourages the students to listen for the pops. Here you will clap a number between 1-5 (or extend to higher numbers) and they will count them. They can:
  • call the number you clap after the final clap
  • say the numbers as you clap
  • write the numbers as you clap on little whiteboards
  • tell you the next number
  • tell you the number of kernels (seeds) that did not pop (partitioning to 5)
Popcorn Art Project and Activities


Add the visuals to your teaching easel and have a student model what they heard by moving the popcorn to cover the number of seeds in the pan. For example, if you clapped three times, they would cover 1, 2 and 3. Here your children can clearly see that 3 and 2 will make a total of 5 and link it to the numerals/symbols on the pictures. 

Partioning to 5 with Popcorn

I hope your children have lots of fun scribbling popcorn to help develop their drawing and creativity. If you'd like to extend their learning with some early literacy and math skills take a look at the full pack of printables over in my TPT store!