One Two Three

Engage your students in numbers and counting with dot cards for one, two and three. Beyond getting a sense of the number, when you're introducing numbers 1-5 it's an ideal time to develop some foundational concepts for other areas of math like addition. You can help students build an understanding of the doubling strategy by playing with a pair of one cards to make 2 for example.

subitizing activities in kindergarten

Here are some ideas for using the new dot cards:

Flip 3

  • place all cards face down
  • students take a turn to flip 3 cards and say the number (subitizing)
  • from the 3 cards they find any matching pairs they see
  • extension: find the total of the matching pair (addition)
working with numbers in kindergarten


  • flip 2 cards and find the total
learning 1 2 and 3 in math

Add More

  • take a card from a face down pile
  • roll a die
  • add more dots (using counters) to make the number shown on the die
learning numbers and counting

Make 10

  • use a ten frame counting card, also from your Math Kit
  • students take turns to flip a dot card and take a matching number of counters, adding them to their frame
  • change counter color for each new addition to the frame
  • keep playing until all students make 10
  • talk about the numbers needed to make 10
math activities for numbers to 10

I hope your students have fun with numbers this week. Be sure to join my newsletter list to get more ideas, activities and support for early learning.