Winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Craft Writing Activities

crafts for thanksgiving and christmas

I would love to share with you a more detailed look at a few more of the craft projects from One Page Crafts Pack 4. I first shared some with you back here.

If you haven't seen these before, my one-page crafts are projects your students can work on that take just one page of prep. 

They are:
  • engaging
  • combine scissor skills and creativity
  • can be a stimulus for writing (papers included)
Lots of teachers tell me they love to enlarge them onto big paper (A1 here in Australia) or thicker craft paper. 

Use pencils, crayon, markers, watercolors or a combination of all of them to help students do their best work. 

Let's take a look at a few of the 20 projects included:

Christmas Candy Cane

Talk about repeating color patterns with your learners as they alternate red and white to complete the candy cane. An option without a face is included too! Why not add some glitter or smelly pens for extra sparkle. 

stocking craft

Hot Chocolate Craft

This cutie will get your class warmed up for winter! Add some cotton on the marshmallows or draw a mug design on the plain version for additional creative options. 

Hot Chocolate Craft

Santa Craft

This one is a favorite and combines several fine motor skills. Color or paint, cut the vertical lines and then roll them around a pencil for a curled beard! 

Christmas Craft Pack

Christmas Writing and Craft

Writing papers accompany each of the crafts in this series which will help you turn a creative experience into a literacy session too!

Students could:
  • write a word bank
  • write a poem
  • write a procedural text about how they made their craft
  • write a sentence
  • write a story 
How To Make Hot Chocolate