One Page Craft Pack 4

We would love to give you a sneaky peek at a few of the projects in One Page Craft Pack 4.

Easy Craft for Kids

If you haven't seen these before, a one-page craft is a project your students can work on that is 'all on one page'. Your projects are simple to prep and lots of fun to make.
Christmas tree craft

Christmas Tree Craft

I have included a winter tree (or a Christmas tree by including the star). Students can roll up little balls of crepe paper to make baubles or just color them in!

Craft winter tree

Santa Craft

I've included a Santa - students can simply roll the strips up to give a curled effect.

Santa Scissor Skills

Christmas Stocking Craft

For the Christmas stocking, students can just weave thin strips of fancy paper or coloured paper through the cut lines to make a nice grid of decoration or use the included 'plain' stocking to design their own.
Stocking Christmas Craft

Spinning Turkey Craft

A little search on Pinterest reveals thousands of samples of paper craft turkeys, so I thought a little 'spinning turkey' might give you something fun and new to try! You could add some words around the edge if you wish to to integrate it with a topic of study.
Turkey Craft

Reindeer Craft

A 3D reindeer is included. If you have Pack 3 of my crafts you might recall the 3D pumpkin. You roll paper scraps and put them inside before sealing it up around the edges. One cute little variation would be to add some twigs for antlers that the students find outside in the yard.

Reindeer Craft

Penguin Craft

A penguin with some snow goggles{add some cellophane} will excite your little learners and
Penguin Craft
they can make a stretchy snowman by concertina-folding a piece of fancy paper.
Snowman Craft

Free Scarecrow Craft

Take a peek back at this post to find a little scarecrow sample of my one page crafts. It is free to download!
Free Scarecrow Craft

Writing papers accompany each of the crafts in this series which will help you turn a creative experience into a literacy session too!

Thanks for stopping by, and for all your messages and feedback. They inspire me to keep creating and I love that these crafts have been helpful for you and that they've engaged in your little learners.

Have a lovely week friends!