Gobble Gobble

November is well underway - although being thankful is important every day, in November we can use turkeys as a theme to help learn more about the holiday Thanksgiving. 

Using themes and building an awareness of how people of the world celebrate can increase your students' engagement and hence knowledge and skills.

Below you will find some turkey themed resources that I have in my store. If you are a subscriber of my newsletter you would have received an exclusive free download yesterday with a turkey twist too. 

This turkey writing topper will make writing super fun. I've included 4 writing frames to give you some ideas.

There is a turkey 100 chart activity for November in my 100 Chart Puzzle Bundle! 

A Turkey Shape Craft makes learning about 2D shapes interactive and creative.

Help your little learners master pen control and early handwriting skills with the turkey cards from my Tracing Lines bundle!

My turkey fact banner will help you make a cute and creative learning space - and your students ca contribute an interesting turkey fact for display.

I hope your students have a turkey-riffic time learning this week and please be sure to stop by my Instagram page to enter our friends-giving giveaway! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel x