Make a Drawing Book

Do your students love Directed Drawing activities? Aly from Just a Primary Girl and Erica from The Enthusiastic Class mentioned through the week using pages from my packets to create books for their students. Aly uses them in her 'work on writing' stations and Erica is making a gift for her students for Christmas. 

I thought it might be nice to offer a generic cover for a 'drawing book' in case this is something you might like to do for your little learners. Here is the book I made for Sam yesterday.

I added a 'My First Directed Drawing' packet to the series this week with my little man in mind and used the pages from this packet. It has 10 super simple pictures that students are often asked to draw.

I just printed the 'Big Draw' pages from the 4 project alternatives within my packets, as I wanted to give Sam plenty of room to draw. I also placed them side by side when I collated the pages so he can use the prompt page directly next to the drawing page. 

I've included 2 alternative covers for you and students can spend some time coloring and decorating them as well as writing their name as the 'artist'.

Find these covers as my gift to you, in Google Drive: Drawing Book Covers

The covers will work with any of the directed drawing titles in my store!

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!

- Mel x