End of School Year Teacher to Student Gift

If you are in Australia, your end-of-school-year coincides with Christmas. It is both a busy and wonderful time.

It can also be an expensive time. I wanted to share with you a little way you could give a gift to your students for Christmas and to commemorate the school year. Best yet, it won't break the bank.

Simply print these little poem trees out, laminate if you wish and attach to a fun-size box of Smarties. I picked up 11 boxes today on sale at Woolworths for $3. 

As students eat each different shade of Smartie they can think of a memory from the school year.

End of year student Christmas gift

And they look very cute lined up as a field of Christmas trees (hint - pop a little sticky tape on the base if you want them to stand tall).

I've included a backline version of the tree as well, so you can print on green paper as an alternative to color printing.

Find the printable in Google Drive HERE

Now, get back to your weekend and relax!

Mel x