Scarecrow One Page Craft

I would love to share a scarecrow craft project with you today. It is a bonus project to supplement those in my One Page Craft packets.

A 'one page craft' is easy to prep, engaging and simple for your students! You will simply copy one page per student to complete this scarecrow craft. 

Students color or paint before cutting and assembling their scarecrow. 

Add crafty details - like raffia or wool straw for hair - if you choose, to make this a more complex activity for your students.

As an optional extension to the craft or art lesson I have included coordinating 'writing papers' so you can ask your students to complete a piece of writing that you may display with the craft. There are no words on each writing paper, which will allow you to create your own myriad of writing lessons!

This scarecrow project is in my TpT store HERE waiting for you. 

One page craft update

If you love the scarecrow craft you might like to check out Pack 3 of my One Page Craft series. 

This pack includes some lovely crafts for fall and autumn. The craft projects are:
  1. Apple Core - zig zag stretchy center
  2. 3D Pumpkin - students pad their pumpkin with paper scraps and seal with glue
  3. Autumn Leaf Branch - glue leaves to branch
  4. Acorn - students weave paper strips through the slits in the top
  5. Bat - use brads (split pins) to create swinging wings
  6. Fire Pup / Dog
  7. Haunted House
  8. Black Cat - spiral cut tail
  9. Poppy
  10. Sunflower (snip and flip petals)
  11. Taxi Cab
  12. Cake (3 tiers + candles)
  13. French Fries (pocket)
  14. King (add sequins and craft jewels)
  15. Fan (spin blades with a brad/split pin)
  16. Moon (with star hanging from string)
  17. Spider (legs attached with brads)
  18. Pineapple Man
  19. Lil' Bird (flip flap beak)
  20. Alligator Head (chomping mouth secured with brad) 

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you love the scarecrow as much as we did!

- Mel x